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We celebrate the returning employees

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10/31/2023 |

As a tech company in a highly competitive market, we are saddened by the inevitable of seeing remarkable employees leaving us for adventures elsewhere. You can imagine how sadness turns to joy when they choose to return "home" because they miss our workplace!

 In today's dynamic job market, the concept of boomerang employees has gained momentum, highlighting the undeniable fact that individuals who once departed an organization are often drawn back by its compelling advantages. 

Over the last months, we've welcomed five exceptional employees, each with their unique journey and reasons for rejoining. Their stories reflect the inclusivity and skills-driven focus that make Cegal a dynamic and enriching workplace. 

Meet our returning talents

Ramon Alm, Senior IT Engineer, Cloud Operations:
When I decided to explore opportunities outside of Cegal, I was seeking a specific path for my professional growth. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the right match internally, and a tempting offer at a smaller local firm caught my eye. Little did I know that I'd come to miss the excellent routines and the supportive framework that Cegal provides. My current role aligns perfectly with my passion for Azure technology, allowing me to hone my skills alongside a team of specialists. It feels good to be back!  

Odd Marius Aakervik , Lead Software Engineer, Products: 
My departure from Cegal stemmed from a desire for new challenges and a different perspective. I ventured into a larger international IT company, but something was amiss. The people, culture, and flexibility to shape my tasks and workday according to my needs were calling me back to Cegal. Here, agility reigns supreme, and that's the perfect fit for my ambitions.  

Stian Ramstad, Senior Software Developer:
An offer from a consulting company briefly led me to explore a different career path. However, I soon realized that the assignments I received weren't aligned with my core interests, and I missed the familiarity of my previous role and my wonderful colleagues at Cegal. 

Diana Hammoudeh, Customer Success Manager: 
After dedicating five years to Cegal, I felt the itch to try something new and embarked on an exciting journey with a startup in a sales role. Yet, I found myself missing the unique Cegal culture and the daily interactions with my coworkers. Knowing I was welcome back, I reached out to return as a Customer Success Manager. The warmth and inclusivity I encountered during my interview reaffirmed that I had made the right choice. I'm thrilled to be back and eager to make a difference. 

Jan-Henrik Teigen,  Managing Consultant
Having spent over nine years as a Service Delivery Manager at Cegal, I wasn't actively seeking change. However, an intriguing opportunity surfaced through LinkedIn, leading me to lead a new Operations department in a 75-employee company. The experience was enriching, but when my manager presented a compelling role within the Business Consulting team, I couldn't resist. As a Business Services Manager, I now have the creative freedom to focus on customer values and build a team dedicated to providing a cutting-edge service, the Microsoft 365 Advisory Service. Despite my time away, I feel as though I never left—Cegal has a special place in my heart. 


These stories reflect our appeal as an employer where skills development and an inclusive atmosphere continue to draw exceptional colleagues back into our vibrant community. We celebrate the talents and experiences of our boomerang employees, as they enrich our workplace and contribute to our shared success. Welcome back to Cegal!

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