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Cegal welcomes Camilla Magelssen as new chief services officer

Editorial staff Cegal want to build a stellar nextgen tech company that enables a more sustainable future, and shape the digital future by turning complex IT into digital success stories.
12/20/2023 |

Cegal continues to attract strong leaders from the tech and energy sector and hires Camilla Magelssen as the new Chief Services Officer. Camilla comes from Cognizant and Aker Solutions.

Dagfinn Ringaas, CEO of Cegal, starts: “I am extremely excited to announce that Camilla Magelssen will join Cegal as our new Chief Services Officer on February 1st. Camilla comes from Cognizant and Aker Solutions, where she has held various leadership positions within business development, services, project execution, and engineering.”

Cegal’s ambitious goal is to become the world’s leading tech company in the energy sector. Headquartered on the west coast of Norway, Cegal has a strong foothold in the oil and gas industry and power and renewables sector. These industries are emerging and going through a rapid digital transformation. Cegal’s Services team plays a crucial part in delivering world-class consulting and managed services. Hence, the chief services officer plays a pivotal role at Cegal.

Ringaas adds: “In pursuing the ideal candidate to fill this critical role, we focused on finding an individual with a strong commercial mindset, experience in technical services businesses, industry knowledge, and exceptional leadership and people skills.”

Camilla Magelssen embodies all these qualities, making her the perfect fit for Cegal's future endeavors.

Dagfinn Ringås, Cegal

Unique culture and strong market position

During the recruitment process, Camilla Magelssen got to know several Cegal employees as well as the company’s goals and culture. She says this before joining Cegal: ”I have got a great insight about the people and the fantastic culture that obviously lies within this company. Bringing a personal mindset and professional experience from the energy sector, IT, and consulting, I am firmly convinced that Cegal is already on a journey I simply cannot wait to be part of.“

Magelssen adds: “The core foundation required to become the world’s leading tech company for the energy sector is already in place.”

I’m super motivated and excited to contribute to and learn from the success stories we will jointly develop in the future.

Camilla Magelssen, Cegal 

Dagfinn Ringaas concludes: “I am confident that Camilla’s track record and experience from Cognizant and Aker Solutions will help us to further position and develop Cegal’s Services business as a key part of our growth engine going forward.”

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