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#MeetOurTeam – Marianne

We want to show our employees through what we've called #MeetOurTeam. Meet Marianne!

Marianne MeetOurTeam




Comes from:

Years in Cegal:

Marianne Hjørnevik Andersen

32 years

Forus, Norway

Senior Business Consultant

Stavanger, Norway

3 years

What does a typical workday look like to you?

I start the day with a team stand-up meeting to get a status of the deliveries and ensure that the team members have what they need to progress. Right now I work as a Delivery Manager for a customer, which involves both organizing and planning various deliveries as part of their digitalization program.

Which technologies do you work with?

As a consultant, I work with domain-specific projects at the intersection of IT, work processes and people. I don't work very deep in technology but I work to build bridges between the customer's business and strategy. Each project is unique in its form and I'm lucky to learn about many different technologies in the customer's digitalization journey.

What drives you at work and in your role, what's fun?  

I find it exciting to work on understanding customers' business strategies, and how Cegal's technology and products can provide them with opportunities. Technology is a tool and for it to provide value, you must know the customer's processes and business.

I like to be challenged and step out of my comfort zone. The feelings of mastery you achieve from time to time are incredibly rewarding.

What is the best thing about working in Cegal?

I have to highlight the learning culture. Business Consulting facilitates learning across projects and products. Examples of how we do this are lunch & learn's where employees share project experience or introduce new products, we have our own consulting school and now we also have several professional networks. I think it's great that we have established a safe space where we can share experiences and get better together.

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Women@Cegal - can you tell us what it's about?

We are organized in a board with different focus areas, meeting once a month to discuss various activities and plan events. The goal is to contribute to our company having more than 30% women by 2025. To achieve this various measures are required. Women@Cegal is an internal network with focus on equality and visibility of women in our company.

Women@Cegal is a platform and network for inspiration and motivation for our female employees. We work to increase the number of female employees and not least work to keep the ones we have.

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You are presenting at the Gina Krog Festival this weekend - how do you feel about that?

I think it's great. The festival is held on the 175th anniversary of Gina Krog who fought to promote women's rights. It is just as relevant today focusing on women and gender equality, although we have other challenges. I think it's nice that I can talk about what we do in Women@Cegal.

What's your favorite quote?

 It's not a quote but my father says that unity is the key to success. I think there is a lot of truth and good in that.

Do you have any podcast favorites?

I'm a regular listener of Godt nok for de svina, Powerladies and The women in tech show. These podcasts give me inspiration and boost to go for it and step out of my comfort zone.

This or that?

Android or iPhone?

iTunes or Spotify?

Streaming or linear TV?

Call or text message?

Emoji or text?

Snap or Insta?





Life is more fun with emojis

Ooh big fan of both

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I love traveling! Therefore, the more modern workday suits me very well. Otherwise, I have a very active boyfriend who takes me on different activities with varying degrees of success, hehe. Right now we're learning to sail.

Those who know me will describe this picture as me in a nutshell. I probably worked with events in my previous life and love organizing and planning various happenings, preferably with a theme😉 I love when things are properly done and I am very concerned with the aesthetics. I also worked as a volunteer for several years with Mablis music festival in the marketing team and like to help create something for a community.

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