SOIL Access

SOIL (Secure Oil Information Link) is a fully managed high-performance communications network hub owned and operated by Norsk Olje & Gass

Cegal can design, customize, deliver and operate services to ensure a secure operation of your business

The network is built to operate independent from other networks, including internet.

It enables Operators on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS) and their business partners and suppliers to do cost effective cross company collaboration without having to establish multiple point-to-point connections.

The network further serves as a communication platform for delivering services which are in common use by the Norwegian petroleum sector, including applications like License2Share, DaWinci, Diskos and others.

Cegal is a SOIL service provider and has three main SOIL access offerings

  • Access to SOIL through a dedicated SOIL firewall and optional 10-100 Mbit speed. This is suitable for most small and medium size companies that have limited needs in terms of bandwidth
  • Access to SOIL through a dedicated SOIL firewall and 1Gbit speed. This is suitable for medium to large companies that have many users or require high bandwidth to services like Diskos
  • Access to SOIL through a dedicated SOIL firewall, 1Gbit speed and security information and event management (SIEM) service. Suitable for companies with strict security guidelines

More Information

  • Additional security layers can be added
  • Access lines can be delivered through our communication partners
  • Redundant connections to the SOIL Core Hub
  • 99.7 Service Level Agreement
  • 24-hours end-to-end monitoring