Blueback Seismic Reservoir Characterization

Blueback Seismic Reservoir Characterization delivers high end geophysics tools to assist in reservoir characterization.

Blueback Seismic Reservoir Characterization delivers high end geophysic tools


The Blueback Seismic Reservoir Characterization suite provides a simple, yet effective method to estimate net pay in thin reservoirs.

This package utilizes a new automated implementation of the Seismic Net Pay workflow, a method presented by Connolly in 2007. 

Sensitivity of input parameters can be investigated by introducing variables and program logic to loop in automated workflows.

Our unique collection of tools can also be combined with the Blueback Investigator for additional data analysis and QC.


The Seismic Data Conditioning tool optimizes amplitude, time and phase consistency between input angle stacks in preparation for reservoir characterization. The workflow is fast, highly interactive and easy to use. Seismic Net Pay workflow for predicting net pay from seismic data in thin reservoirs. Estimate net pay from zero-crossing picks made on band-limited impedance seismic data.


  • New Seismic Data Conditioning tool for sophisticated conditioning of angle-stack seismic data
  • Seismic net pay workflow for thin reservoirs
  • All relevant tools Petrel workflow enabled
  • Colored Inversion. This fast, transparent inversion is widely used as a first approximation when inverting data. Creating the operator and performing the inversion are split into two separate steps to give the user full control of the process.
  • AVO seismic classification using an intercept-gradient plot. Seismic data are plotted in an elliptical cloud around the origin, and by 'muting' out the background trend AVO anomalies can be highlighted and detected

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