Blueback Rock Physics

A dynamic, powerful and easy to use tool that allows asset teams to optimize the value of seismic data, reduce exploration risk, uncertainty and improve reservoir understanding.



Blueback Rock Physics lets users create rock models, run fluid substitution, and create synthetics. As such, it is an essential instrument for risk assessment and uncertainty estimation.

It contains a suite of tools that can be combined to perform a variety of rock physics based workflows to maximize the understanding of available data.

Possible Blueback Rock Physics uses include:

  • Validation of reservoir property model by creating synthetics and comparison to seismic
  • Forward modelling to determine the reservoir geometry and correlating synthetics to seismic 
  • Signature identification
  • Tuning effect studies
  • Invasion correction


  • Fluid substitution, impedances, synthetics, rock models can be defined in python scripts
  • Multi-well, 3D property model and seismic data 
  • Petrel Workflow enabled for efficient quantitative interpretation 
  • Integrated QC plots


  • Simplified approach allowing the use of complex rock physics concepts
  • Fully integrated with Blueback Rocks QI and Blueback Investigator
  • Create rock physics models
  • Elastic properties modeling
  • Optimized log blocking
  • Generate Impedances
  • Synthetic seismogram modeling
  • Tuning wedge
"This package is unique with its ability to easily switch between well, seismic and even property model data".
Principal Geophysicist


Workflows for seismic reservoir characterization is written and presented by industry expert Patrick Connolly and supported by Cegal.

The course will provide participants with the skills needed to design and implement workflows for seismic reservoir characterization (SRC) based on the Cegal suite of quantitative interpretation applications.

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