Blueback Project Tracker

The Blueback Project Tracker is a powerful product which tracks and monitors projects from all Petrel users.



With the Blueback Project Tracker, and its rich set of functions for tracking and monitoring Petrel projects and users, data managers can now define their data management procedures and company policies.

The Blueback Project Tracker has a powerful and customizable search engine which provides extensive information about the Petrel project content and history.

The Blueback Project Tracker will search through all specified disks on the network and populate a SQL database with Petrel project information from all projects. 

With an easy-to-use web interface, the Blueback Project Tracker is an excellent tool for data managers to get an overview of Petrel project content and monitor changes over time.



  • Prevent chaotic and uncontrollable Petrel project storing
  • Avoid saving projects in unwanted locations
  • Assist disk usage optimization
  • Locate and identify specific data
  • Get an overview of the Petrel project relationships
  • Monitor Petrel projects and Petrel users
  • Monitor data referenced from Petrel reference projects and Studio repositories
  • Reveal data inconsistencies and Petrel Reference relations
  • Track data imported to Petrel projects through OpenSpirit using the Geodata Exchange module. This gives the data manager a powerful tool for understanding and monitoring the flow of data in Petrel
  • Track Studio for Petrel repository data and setup automated cleanup procedures to delete Studio data using Repository Extension
  • Visualize the findings from the Blueback Project Tracker database in ESRI ArcGIS, through the module Spatial Extension


  • Acquire and maintain an overview of your Petrel projects from all users and on all network disks
  • Establish and control Petrel project data management processes
  • Monitor changes over time in Petrel projects and project migration processes
  • Identify projects with data duplication to assist disk usage optimization
  • Identify data inconsistencies and relationship with Petrel reference projects
  • Compare two or more projects to look for inconsistencies or difference in content
  • List large project files and/or data object files to identify where you might have disk space issues
  • Graphical display of Petrel project dependencies
  • Detailed data mining and search in a selected project or all projects
  • Monitor which network disks the users save their Petrel projects on
  • List Petrel users and their projects. Identify users with large projects or strong growth in specific data types, disk space, etc.
  • Open database for customized reporting
  • List and compare coordinate systems across projects
  • Support for multisite tracking against a common Blueback Project Tracker database. This allows for flexible configurations of the system for multisite deployments
  • Option to track data imported through OpenSpirit in Petrel projects. The OpenSpirit data sources and data objects used in Petrel projects can be reported
  • Option to scan Studio for Petrel repositories and delete repository data based on last modified date and data status

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