Blueback Project Management Toolbox

The Blueback Project Management Toolbox provides tools for making it easier to manage data objects inside a Petrel project.

Improve data management with Blueback Project Management Toolbox


The Blueback Toolbox suite contains close to 100 tools complementing standard Petrel. The tools speed up and improve geoscientists' daily workflows, covering the geology, geophysics, geomodeling and the reservoir engineering domains, in addition to assisting the Petrel user with a series of tools for better management of Petrel projects. 

With the Blueback Project Management Toolbox you can save time by organizing and cleaning up your projects, and through better disc usage and data consistency with other projects.

The integration with the Blueback Project Tracker makes it possible for data managers to give Petrel users advice on how to keep their data consistent and up to date.


The functionality features range from tools for making changes on multiple Petrel data objects, tools for searching for Petrel projects and content, and data import/export with support for various formats.

Link to Blueback Toolbox Quick Guide


  • Project scanner searches selected directories and displays an overview of the Petrel projects found
  • Project reporter for outputting a report on the current active Petrel project
  • Find & rename multiple selected data objects or folders
  • Change color, template, symbol or domain on multiple selected objects or folders
  • General ASCII data reader for 3D interpretation and seismic cube data
  • Import point data with automatic conversion to a cube project
  • Export of seismic navigation data
  • Move external seismic objects into the Petrel project
  • Import a 3D seismic interpretation as a point data set
  • Import images as 2D seismic lines, enabling standard Petrel interpretation of these data objects
  • Multi SEGY export from the seismic folder menu for both cubes and 2D lines
  • Flip 2D seismic
  • Multiple rename
  • Shift checkshots
  • Import / export lat / long
  • NPD well loader
  • Import of GeoTIFF image files
  • Export of Petrel data to the Velocity Manager software from Cambridge Petroleum
  • Search in history and comments of data objects
  • Integration with the Blueback Project Tracker plug-in
  • Python tool, allows you to manipulate Petrel data objects using the Python programming language. Develop simple or sophisticated algorithms and include the code into the Petrel workflow editor
Dive in deeper

The Blueback Toolbox Quick Guide gives you a complete overview of all tools of the Blueback Toolbox, grouped according to their purpose in terms of 8 categories.

Blueback Toolbox Quick Guide

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