Blueback Investigator

The Blueback Investigator brings long-awaited and powerful cross-domain data analysis to Petrel and provides unique visualization ideas to improve your understanding of the data.

Blueback Investigator, cross domain data analysis for Petrel to improve understanding of data


Understanding data distribution and trends prior to building a reservoir model can be crucial when determining modeling parameters.

Blueback Investigator provides statistical analysis tools you can apply to understand well, table and point data, 2D and 3D seismic, 3D model properties and surface attributes. 

The solution yields additional insights through spatial context when performing data analysis, enabled by visualization support of Petrel windows.


The dedicated histogram, crossplot, matrix, parallel coordinate and 3D plot windows include a series of tools that can be used to investigate well, seismic, 3D model, point set, surface properties and table data.

The Blueback Investigator supports the control of appearance, annotations and filtering, and the creation of equations identifying trends within the data. Window linking is provided to get a better view of cross dimension filtering effects.


  • Plot data with up to 20 dimensions
  • Custom plot windows supporting multi-dimensional datasets including histogram, crossplots and 3D plots
  • Excellent integration with Petrel allows investigation to be co-visualized in standard Petrel windows
  • Identify trends in the data and use these to generate new properties
  • Rich selection of controls for managing plot appearance, annotations, filtering and creating equations for data correlation
  • Petrel filters and functions can also be applied and included
  • Blueback Spatial Selector - Select data interactively
  • Integrate rock physics models from Blueback Rock Physics


Workflows for seismic reservoir characterization is written and presented by industry expert Patrick Connolly and supported by Cegal.

The course will provide participants with the skills needed to design and implement workflows for seismic reservoir characterization (SRC) based on the Cegal suite of quantitative interpretation applications.

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