Blueback Database Toolbox

Enable full overview and control of your Studio Petrel repositories with the Blueback Database Toolbox.

Enable full overview of Petrel repositories with Blueback Database Toolbox


Through smart tables and charts, the Blueback Database Toolbox allows for a visual overview which enables the Data Manager to audit repository data with several levels of detail and to display key statistics on usage, user activity and data flow.

With five smart Studio Manager apps the user can compare and correct data against a master repository, search repositories to find duplicated data, view and re-link seismic data with inaccessible external files and view data across one or more repositories.


  • Search and compare data across multiple repositories, identify duplication and inconsistencies
  • Audit and correct data against a master repository
  • Display graphical reports on repository content and user activity
  • Search and reconnect disconnected seismic
  • Integrate with Blueback Project Tracker databases and see how and where repository data is used


  • Get a multi-repository overview of the data
  • Get statistics over repository activity, data distribution per user, data type, quality attributes and data source
  • Compare data across repositories using flexible matching criteria: find duplication, potential conflicts and inconsistencies
  • Find deviations in global well log names and units and correct them against values from a reference repository
  • Find missing seismic files and reconnect
  • Using information from Blueback Project Tracker databases, see the proportion of repository data in the Petrel projects, where the repository data is referenced and how synchronized the data is between the projects and the repository
  • Find repository data that is not referenced by Petrel projects