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Efficient information flow for the energy industry

Ensure high-quality data

ePortal is a set of tools that ensure an efficient information flow between professional systems and the ERP system. The system ensures the quality of the input data. All data is entered only once and can be used in all processes. This eliminates the need to manually record data in different systems and avoids duplication.

Changes in the revenue framework are demanding increased efficiency in energy companies. That’s why many are seeking solutions that help streamline their work processes. ePortal is a total financial management solution for the energy industry that positively impacts both productivity and efficiency.

Visma Business

We currently use Visma Business as our ERP system, and our proprietary modules make this solution unique:

  • Hours module
  • Facility Register
  • Reporting

You can obtain correct and informative reports at all levels of your business areas. ePortal meets NVE’s reporting requirements and streamlines processes for a complete and correct eRapp II. The tool is suitable for both small and medium-sized businesses in all industries and is also scaled for corporations.

Less administration

Companies that have adopted ePortal have significantly reduced the time they spend on administration and their finance departments. They find that the system frees up time for other tasks within the company and contributes to increased productivity and more efficient management.

At Cegal, we’re experts in accounting and energy. We offer services within accounting, payroll, reporting, annual accounts, and consulting. We know the industry well, and every day our employees handle the same tasks as the customers we help. Many small companies with limited capacity in their financial departments are reassured by our ability to provide assistance at relatively short notice.

With ePortal, we have much better work processes. It gives us an overview of everything you do, from A to Z, and we can track our invoices, accounting and timesheets. We’re really happy with the system.

– Sissel H. Måkestad, Odda Energi

More information about the ePortal solution:

Report module

We offer web-based and shareable standard reports integrated with Visma Business, Visma Lønn, and the Hours Module. The module creates good reports for project tracking and budgeting and features a dashboard with key figures. The module also offers endless possibilities for customized reports.


Assistance agreement

In the event of acute staffing challenges (illness, redundancies, etc.), Cegal Finans can assist you with a contingency agreement for all or part of your company’s financial department. Our standardized model means we can step in to handle your work processes whenever you need us.

Accounting and consulting

Multiple electricity companies are now choosing to purchase accounting and payroll services from us. See how much you can save by eliminating your finance department. We can take over all of these duties, or just some of them.

eRapp II

We can handle the filing of your eRapp II, either the whole process or parts of it. We have also developed a separate report for financial figures for eRapp II.

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