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Cegal Connected Energy Hub

A flexible, modern and scalable MAFI solution.

Module-based solution

The Cegal Connected Energy Hub solution is modular, which means that you can select the relevant modules you need without having to buy an entire suite to get the functionality you require.

The modules are presented in an intuitive and user-friendly cloud-based interface. As a customer, you get a modern, holistic and scalable system.

3 advantages of the Cegal Connected Energy Hub

1. Forward-looking and innovative

Cegal’s solution is designed for the future operation of energy companies and has a modern and user-friendly interface. The web-based interface supports all types of devices from anywhere you are.

2. Cloud-based and scalable

Cegal works closely with Microsoft, whose Azure framework is the industry leader in continuous, needs-based scaling. In practice, this means that you only pay for the storage capacity and processing power you need at any given time. In terms of data security and access control, Microsoft Azure is top-of-the-line.

3. Modular and customized

The Cegal Connected Energy Hub is an ecosystem through which we can offer the individual modules that your company requires without having to buy an entire software package that you don’t necessarily need. Modules can be added or disconnected as your needs change.

The Cegal Connected Energy Hub has 3 modules

1. Cegal Meter Data Collector (MDC)

– Correct metered values and continuous settlement.

MDC is a generic module for collecting meter data from a wide range of meters, including AMS meters via Elhub and meters associated with solar power systems, district heating systems, water metering, and waste management to name but a few.

Cegal delivers a self-explanatory and intuitive user interface that simplifies daily routines and tasks related to the collection and forwarding of metrics.
It’s very easy to get an overview of the tasks that need to be handled and their importance. In addition, a precise report on customer growth and churn overview is presented.

The module supports VEE processes, so you can easily monitor and quality-assure the collected values.

2. Cegal Billing Engine Module (BEM)

– Simplify your dialogue with customers and automates processes related to invoicing and collections.

BEM is the invoicing module in which invoices are produced and accounts are settled. This module gives you a holistic customer overview and full control of your customers, agreements, and products. The system settles accounts continuously, and you can quickly and easily retrieve information and status reports in the dashboard.

The system supports co-invoicing with other services such as heat pumps, solar power systems, electric car chargers, and broadband amongst others. The global search function makes it easy to find information by searching by name, telephone number, customer number, national identity number, and other similar identifiers.

BEM also has a dynamic product configurator that offers great flexibility when setting up new products, as well as flexible discount models when bundling services.

3. Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing
– Easy access to modern payment solutions

Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing is a system that gives you access to the most widely used forms of payment in the market at any given time. The system distributes invoices and enables payment across multiple channels, including Vipps, eInvoice, direct debit, Visa, Mastercard, Klarna, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, without the need for long and expensive development processes.

Our integrated “payment radar” gives you access to the most widely used payment solutions on the market at any given time. The system scans the market continuously, and when new solutions are implemented, our customers in the Cegal Connected Energy Hub automatically gain access to these payment options without the need for development.

Read about Cegal Multi Channel Invoicing >


Effects of using the solution

Time effective

Employees enjoy a simplified and less stressful workday, and can use their time more efficiently.

  • Access features more easily
  • Less manual work
Improved access

Greater accessibility on all devices, such as tablets, PCs and mobile devices, and easy access to new payment solutions.

  • Access an intuitive interface from anywhere
  • Access to new payment solutions
Lower costs

Reduced costs through our modular pricing model.

  • Pay only for the modules you need.

Want to know more about Cegal Connected Energy Hub? We are ready to help you get started.

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