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Cegal Innovation Space

Simple systems that allow your skilled workforce to innovate.

Powered by Kubernetes

Scalable automatic deployment on private and public cloud.

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Cegal Innovation Space is a controlled, secure environment where you can use Python™ to connect to your data and create innovative workflows.

Python is the premier ecosystem for working with data, but deploying it in the enterprise is fraught with complications. Innovation Space offers a controlled environment with pre-configured connections and a simple way of sharing Python notebooks. These connections can include Prizm to work with Petrel* E&P software platform project data.

Innovation Space also allows you to deploy and upgrade applications – potentially based on Python code in notebooks – to specific users, to embrace innovation and efficiency.

Give your skilled workforce the tools and environment to invent more efficient workflows which can then be deployed more widely without IT headaches.

Cegal Innovation Space_Main
Cegal Innovation Space
Cegal Innovation Space - simplified architecture overview.
Dashboard view of Cegal Innovation Space, a controlled, secure environment where you can use Python to connect to your data and create innovative workflows.

Innovation Space components


Mix code, comments, images and plots to create notebooks for yourself and others.

  • Create notebooks mixing code and images
  • Notebooks can contain UIs: no coding required by others
  • Each user gets their own private instance
OneDrive and cloud storage

Automatic secure connections to data in users’ Microsoft OneDrive™ and shared cloud storage.

  • Authenticate and connect OneDrive for any user
  • Pre-configured shared Microsoft Azure™ files storage
Controlled Python environments

Controlled Python environments

  • No Python needed on desktops or VDIs
  • Contains all common packages, change these at will
  • Choose different environments for specific needs
Simple deployments

Add, upgrade and share your own applications, securely.

  • Deploy any web-based app or HTTP service
  • All connections secured by Cegal Keystone
  • Allow in-house or external solutions without IT headaches
Cegal Prizm

Pre-configured libraries and connections to Cegal Prizm components.

  • Use Cegal Prizm without any complexity
  • Deploy Petrel where you want it, even on your desktop
  • Break open data from silos
Other data connections

Pre-configured connections to any suitable data source.

Petrel * is a mark of SLB.
Python™ is a trademark of the Python Software Foundation
Azure™ and OneDrive™ are trademarks of Microsoft
OSDU® is a trademark of The Open Group
ArcGIS® is a mark of Esri

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