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HUBRO - Middleware & Integration Services

We provide services for monitoring various middleware and integration platforms.

Middleware monitoring

Cegal provides specialized monitoring and maintenance for business-critical databases and systems.

Service packages

Cegal provides specialized monitoring and maintenance for business-critical databases and systems. These services are provided by a team of specialists, and you can choose from various service packages.

Cegal provides services for monitoring various middleware and integration platforms, including Oracle Fusion, Microsoft Biztalk, Apache Kafka, and many more. We monitor on-premises, cloud-based and hybrid operating environments.

Priority Assistance

Priority Assistance is a reactive service adapted for businesses that need access to database experts for their mission-critical tasks or consulting, with an agreed response rate.

Proactive Database Monitoring

Proactive Database Monitoring is a service that ensures you get help with monitoring and the proactive follow-up of customer systems. Cegal will monitor, proactively correct, and maintain these systems, and will also propose actions within a defined scope.

Additional services

24/7/365 emergency preparedness

This is a service that ensures that you can always get help with critical incidents via Cegal’s round-the-clock emergency hotline. The emergency hotline is staffed with highly qualified personnel – usually the person who answers the phone will be the one who fixes the problem, too.

Periodic reporting/maintenance

With this service, Cegal conducts a review of agreed parts of your operating environment at fixed intervals and prepares a report on conditions that should be remedied to avoid future problems. The service will normally be followed up by the implementation of corrective actions.

Security patching: Oracle Fusion Middleware

Through our security patching service, Cegal ensures that the appropriate Oracle Fusion Middleware environments are patched at agreed intervals and that critical security patches are installed as quickly as possible.

Cegal Integration Lister

Integration Lister is an Excel-based tool that, with a little help from Java and PowerShell, creates high-quality, sortable, and filterable lists of components. Their contexts run on a number of various integration platforms: Service Bus, SOA and Managed File Transfer from Oracle, as well as Azure API Management and Logic Apps from Microsoft.

Plus you benefit from all this in one place. The tool is very easy to configure and use. It offers a very good overview of where the various integration components run and how they are connected – capabilities above and beyond out-of-the-box features from Oracle and Microsoft.

Integration Lister is a useful tool for developers, architects, project managers, and those who work with operations.

With Integration Lister, you can also store data in a database, so information can be linked to all other data that is available. It is often where data is linked that you gain new insights.

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