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Cegal Finance

An accounting firm that has ordinary accounting activities.

A flexible solution

Whether you want to handle almost all accounting tasks in-house, or just a few of them, our team offers the customized service you want.

Among other tools, we use Power Office Go as a financial system. This online accounting system gives you a complete overview of your finances. You can be associated with an accounting firm and choose which tasks you want to perform yourself.

You activate the relevant modules: accounting, payroll, timesheets, expense reports, and so on. The great advantage of the system is that you can use an accountant for annual settlement and for advice on accounting matters.

Administrative services

We can help with various office management tasks.


We use automatic reconciliation systems to make reconciliation efficient and time-saving.

Board work

If desired, we can contribute at company board meetings – both the boards of existing customers and those of other companies that need participants with financial expertise at their meetings.


Accounting can be automated using scanned vouchers and document centers with Autopay. EDI (the electronic transmission of transactions between companies) and EHF e-invoicing also help to streamline voucher registration.

As a customer, you simply deliver your invoices in paper or electronic form and we make sure that they are paid on time. We offer automated solutions between our Visma Business financial system and the banks, with file exchange that goes both ways.


We design your invoice with your logo and make sure that the invoice meets the necessary legal requirements for its design. We can create the invoices for you or give you access to our systems so that you can perform the invoicing from your own location. We use the EHF invoices that many customers require.


Reporting and ongoing analysis of the status of your company is one of the most important services we can offer our customers. Together, we prepare reports that give you the information you need to keep track of the profitability of your company. As a customer, you will receive regular periodic reports from us. This will give you a good overview of developments throughout the year – including key figures, if desired.

Payment follow-up

We also handle the follow-up of unpaid invoices, sending the necessary reminders and transferring cases to debt collection services when applicable.

Payroll runs

Leave payroll and personnel administrative tasks to us. We make sure that you have full control over everything that concerns the payroll work in your company. We advise you on electronic solutions and systems and deliver the ones that are just right for you.

Annual accounts

We prepare tax documents and public accounting with notes in accordance with accounting law. Limited liability companies and NUFs must submit these documents to the Register of Annual Company Accounts in Brønnøysund. Larger ANS/DAs and sole proprietorships may also be required to report public accounting to the Register of Annual Company Accounts in Brønnøysund.


We have skilled employees with broad expertise and experience from various industries. This allows us to advise you on the operation of your company. We can also help with the establishment and founding of companies. The company form can range from an AS, NUF, or ANS/DA to a sole proprietorship.

We also help in the preparation of operating budgets and liquidity budgets.
SYSCO Finance offers an ePortal solution, which automates manual processes tied to the company’s financial department. The tool ensures efficient information flow between professional systems and the ERP system.

Read more about ePortal here >

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