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#MeetOurTeam – Sarah

We want to showcase our employees through what we have called #MeetOurTeam. Meet Sarah!



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Sarah Rayfuse:



Frontend Developer

Ontario, Canada

Started in June 2021

How did you get to know Cegal and how did you end up with us?

I got to know Cegal through a recruitment on LinkedIn. During my second interview I met a senior frontend developer and we had very similar ideas and opinions about frontend development and how a good team should work. After this chat, I discovered that the frontend environment in Cegal is being built up in an organized and thoughtful way and that there was room for me to contribute with my expertise as well. Cegal is a company where work culture is important and regardless of your level of experience, you can share your ideas and be heard.

What was it like to join Cegal ?

It was great starting in Cegal , and everyone were friendly to me. I received a lot of messages and invitations to events even before I started, so I felt a sense of inclusion even before the start. One experience that I remember very well from start is with the Cegal gaming group. Getting to know colleagues by playing "Among Us" is incredibly educational — let's just say that nothing brings you closer than evicting your colleagues from a spaceship. I also have helpful managers and they gave me a good start here in Cegal . I would like to give a shout-out to Lisa Benedikte Greenquist who has been of great help with everything I have had questions about or needed help with!

Can you describe your first time in Cegal?

I was immediately sent out on a project as a frontend developer where my skills were tested and where I can continue to learn and develop quickly!

Which technologies do you work with? How do you experience the possibility of influencing which technologies you get to work with and learn?

I have experience with both React JS and Vue JS from my previous job and I am pleased that my current project is Vue JS. We have recently started using composition API in our project. We've written all new files with composition API in addition to converting many of our other files, giving us time to learn more about composition API. This has been better to use as it keeps everything organized and improves readability. On my current project, there has also a need for design.

With my experience in using Figma for design, I can help my colleagues by designing prototypes of the features before they are developed, which saves time. At Cegal , we have great opportunity to work with and learn what we are most interested in. For example, I am passionate about design as well as coding, and here I can work with both. In addition, I also have time for studies and personal development in frontend development and design.

How do you think the technologies you are working with will evolve in the future?

I really hope for a better way to connect the design and testing part of a project, which I think will come. I'm also looking at ways to make it easier to write tests using the designs I've created with Figma. There's hope! Maze is a cool technology I also hope to learn more about.

How do you work today?

I am currently working in a large team with many backend developers, front end developers and testers, all of whom are very skilled! I have a front end tech mentor who works on projects like me as a senior front end developer.

From my mentor I learn best practice development and how to write more effective code. Most of the follow-up with my mentor is done through our code reviews, which have been very useful. On our team when we submit code for review, we say "Grill it!" because we are all eager to learn from each other's comments in the code reviews.

Have you set any goals for the next year?

I am working towards becoming a senior front end developer and increasing my knowledge of both React JS and Vue JS. I want to work more with UX and UI and perhaps take some courses.

Design is super important to me; without good design it makes things harder for both the developers and users. We've all seen the sites in the late 90s and early 2000s (back when design wasn't seen as important), and many of us probably remember the frustration of navigating around them. I want to create easily understandable applications that reduce the frustration users experience. 

Where do you see yourself in five years

I work as a senior front end developer at Cegal. I also work as a designer and possibly tech mentor with design tools.

What's the best thing about working at Cegal?

The strong sense of community is the very best here in Cegal. This creates a creative environment that is rich in learning opportunities.

What is your favorite podcast?

My favorite podcast is "And That's Why We Drink." It is hosted by 2 people who do a lot of research so that every week they can present a paranormal story as well as a true-crime story. I'm very interested in storytelling, myths, and mysteries, so sometimes I listen to stories I already know, but by listening to the podcast I often learn more details that I didn't know.

What interests do you have?

I like anything creative and in my free time I like to draw and paint, mostly people or nature. I also play a lot of video games. Some of my favorites are Legend of Zelda (all the games), Resident Evil, GTA, Call of Duty and more chill games like Minecraft and Runescape (yes, I'm still playing it!).

I haven't been involved in any sport since I came to Norway, but in Canada I did archery and fencing. I'd like to try something new, so I hope to find myself a Kendo club here in Norway. After many years in Norway, I have finally learned to ski. I’m starting slowly with cross-country skiing, and then maybe I’ll try alpine skiing eventually.