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#MeetOurTeam – Manfred

We want to show our employees through what we've called #MeetOurTeam. Meet Manfred!

Manfred pc




Comes from:

Years in Cegal

Manfred Bjørlin

40 years

Lysaker, Oslo

Lead Consultant and Tech Mentor

Notodden, Telemark

A little over a year

What does a typical workday look like to you?

I don't really have a "typical" day, and that's exactly what's exciting. Recently, I have spent a lot of my time planning an internal hackathon for around 25 consultants. We just returned home from traveling for two days and competing against each other in programming and integrations.

The consultants were divided into four teams, where the task was to conduct a stream on Twitch at the end of day two. They received only a few requirements for implementation, including that it must contain at least one integration. In addition to this, it was up to the individual groups what they wanted to fill the stream with and how they wanted to implement it. We learned a lot and got to know each other well - after a long time with home office and little socializing with colleagues, this was incredibly exciting and fun, I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

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What are typical work tasks for your team?

We solve many problems that the customers themselves were not fully aware they had. We systemize and ensure integrations between the various systems they use in their daily operations. When information is moved between IT systems internally, or offered to external partners, we ensure that this is done in a secure manner.

We also want to streamline the processes of our customers. I would say that our biggest success factors are whether the customer in their daily tasks does not notice anything other than that perhaps the data access has been made easier. The biggest job we do is to secure the data transfers in the "back", so that the customer can be sure that no information gets lost along the way. If we also manage to streamline the customer's workflow, then this is a good bonus.

Whtich technologies are you working with?

I work with technology on Microsoft Azure. More specifically with integration solutions, but I encounter most technologies on this platform. In the last six months, I have also worked hard to standardize a framework for an integration platform based on Microsoft Azure. This will allow us to publish an integration platform much faster with a customer that's based on the principle of "security first". Of course without compromising speed or availability. This platform was developed on behalf of a major European customer in the energy sector and will be implemented with several major energy customers during the year.

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What drives you at work and in your role, what's fun?

"Definitely learning something new, applying knowledge in a new way and teaching it to others. Not least to combine integrations in a new way to create something new, automatic and exciting."


You are a Tech Mentor in Cegal - can you explain a little more about this?

Being a Tech Mentor in Cegal gives me the opportunity to spend time during working hours to keep up to date on new technology and to teach this to my mentees. Others can probably explain this arrangement better, but in short, it means that all our consultants have a HR manager and a discipline leader/mentor. The HR manager has all the usual "management tasks", which involves all the daily follow-up. I, as a Tech Mentor, have a more academic role towards my mentees. That is, I follow up their development plans, keep them updated on different disciplines, make sure to send them to relevant conferences and courses, and so on.

We are a team of Tech Mentors, who have different disciplines and areas of responsibility. We are not associated with a single team leader, which in turn means that if a consultant wants to explore a new field or is involved in a project with another Tech Mentor, it is easy for us to move a consultant to a new Tech Mentor. This makes it easier for us to follow up the individual consultant and take into account both personal situation, work tasks and professional development wishes.

Read the article "With a TechMentor, new consultants get fast track training" >

What is the best thing about working in Cegal?

That we have such a strong focus on academic disciplines and competence.

"My wonderful colleagues and a good and inclusive work environment."


What is your favorite podcast, and why?

Cortex - it's just the right amount of informal, informative and motivating. CGP Gray, known from informative Youtube videos and Myke Hurley, podcaster and founder of RelayFM - talks about everything that comes to mind from their lives since the previous podcast.

Home office or office at work?

Hybrid. Absolutely! Everything in its own time. In the office I have fantastic colleagues and a great professional environment, but if I'm really digging down to concentrate on a task, I do this much better in the home office.

This or that?

Android or iPhone?

iTunes or Spotify?

Streaming or linear TV?

Call or text message?

Emoji or text?

Podcast or radio?


Spotify - and PretzelRocks?

Does anyone watch linear TV anymore?

Prefer written, but it doesn't matter whether its on text or messenger etc.


Depends. The radio is always on in the car but prefer podcasts for road trips

Is there anything else we should know about you?

I spend way too much of my free time streaming. And not the streaming in itself, but to set up, configure, integrate and refine all elements of the systems I use. I was never a big gamer, and very rarely played anything before I started streaming, but now it takes up a lot of my free time.

Manfred ute

When Manfred is not geeking in front of the PC, he prefers this type of view and a hammock 😊