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Cegal Service Desk provides World Class Service to our customers

The Cegal Service Desk personnel has several years of experience in service and customer support, and the team has a low turnover. We ensure a consistent level of competence on the service we provide by securing knowledge transfer from senior staff to trainees.

We provide first and second line support for all customers. With expertise on geoscience applications, we can further support several of our customers' separate applications and systems.

With a Service Management System, we work in accordance with the ITIL framework when handling requests, incidents, request for change and other related processes. All technicians are ITIL Foundation certified.

We aim to help our customers develop business value through technology. With passion, we put our effort into providing World Class Service through a high level of support, and by maintaining a high first-level resolution rate. We provide swift response, a broad competence level and short handling time.

World Class Service

Globally we put our efforts into delivering World Class Service, a service that makes a lasting impression. World Class Service is not only a matter of interaction, we firmly believe that it is a result of the efforts of highly engaged employees combined with good customer relations.

We will at all times provide you with a consistent outstanding customer experience; reliable, efficient and with high quality. Local expertise will always have the necessary skills and experience when assisting our customers in different regions.

Cegal Remote Support

Please follow this link if you have been requested by Cegal Servicedesk to start a remote support session.

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Key Metrics

Customer service metrics that we believe are of importance to you

Response time

Average time in seconds for us to respond to a request by phone

Customer satisfaction

Average score for the customer satisfaction 2020
41 658

Tickets resolved

Total tickets resolved by Service Desk in 2020

First level resolution

Service Desk reached the goal of 90% first level resolution in 2020

Years of experience

Service Desk technicians have an average of 7.9 years’ experience

Customer support

We are here to provide you with World Class Service (CET)