Software Development Services

We develop bespoke and commercial software solutions to help you overcome challenges and differentiate towards your competitors.

Cegal develops bespoke software solutions in IT, cloud and geoscience

With strong domain knowledge in IT, cloud and geoscience, Cegal is a unique provider of software solutions to the oil and gas industry. 

We have significant experience in developing software for seismic interpretation, mapping and 3D reservoir modeling, and can efficiently develop both standalone software solutions and software specifically for the Petrel E&P platform.

Proprietary development

With proprietary software development, we can help you achieve a competitive edge within exploration and production. By bridging the gap between innovation in research & development and the productive adoption of technology in asset teams, we can transform technology into highly useable and productive software.

Prioritized development of commercial software

If overcoming a particular challenge outweighs the desire to own IP and gain a competitive edge, you may collaborate with us to swiftly enhance existing Cegal software products, or co-fund the development of entirely new software solutions. 

Onsite software developers

If you prefer to run a software development project internally, let us enhance your team with the necessary skills of our experienced developers and/or project managers. We ensure that you will have the right competence at hand at any time, which is ideal if you as customer should decide to maintain the software in-house. 

"It was very nice to see the tool do in < 5 minutes what it takes us 1-2 weeks to do manually".
Andrew Hoover
Lead Geologist, Maersk Oil

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