Geoscience Consultancy

We have more than 40 skilled geoscientists, all of whom are experts in the use of industry standard software and in particular the Petrel E&P software platform.

Cegal delivers geoscientists as a service

With access to our latest software technology, the close cooperation between our geoscience consultants and our software development team enables our consultants to work efficiently with a competitive advantage. We can therefore deliver geoscientists as a service.

Flexibility is one of the key factors when building successful relationships with clients. Our consultants are highly skilled and have a solid, technical reputation with our customers in all regions. We offer onsite or remote services as well as short-term, long-term and call-off placements.


  • Consultants working within asset teams
  • Expert users of Petrel, RMS and GoCAD
  • Expert users of Blueback software
  • Unrivalled reservoir model building and reservoir characterization
  • Advanced knowledge of workflows, uncertainty and simulation models


  • Experts in 2D and 3D interpretation, 3D velocity modeling, rock physics, seismic inversion and stochastic inversion
  • Strong team supporting attributes modeling
  • Experts in borehole geophysics and attributes modeling
  • Exploration and production / development geophysicist

Exploration Geologists

  • Experts in 3D geomodeling and reservoir characterization
  • Deterministic and probabilistic volume calculations
  • Well targeting, planning and geosteering
  • Supporting all asset team decisions

Geomodeling Support

  • Petrel data loading, QC, project set up and data management
  • Geomodeling support, workflow methods and mentoring
  • Independent QC of in-house geomodelers

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