Blueback Rocks Velocity 2.0 released

Fast and transparent velocity modeling & depth conversion in Petrel.

Blueback Rocks Velocity, create velocity cubes to depth convert 3D seismic

Time to depth conversion represents one of the most intimidating workflows in reservoir characterization. A major key aspect is the ability to analyze data reliably.   

Blueback Rocks Velocity extracts velocity parameters from well and seismic data, and provides a comprehensive and interactive way to perform a top-to-bottom, multi-layer technique of depth conversion.  

With Blueback Rocks Velocity 2.0 users can easily analyze and gain understanding of pertinent velocity parameters while constructing a velocity model. With version 2.0, Blueback Rocks Velocity also delivers a complete and transparent workflow for depth conversion of seismic volumes, seismic interpretation, surfaces, points and polygons. Being scalable with your hardware, depth conversion of large 3D volumes is several times faster than normal Petrel even on your PC.

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