Vision and values

We believe in our vision and values, and staying true to them will guide us towards continued growth and success.

Cegal a leading provider of Cloud, IT and geoscience solutions

As you read more about our vision and values, you will learn who we are, where we are headed and how every Cegal team member can help us get there. 


Our vision is Beyond Technology.

Since the beginning, Cegal has combined technology with human inventiveness. We deliver more than state of the art technology. We believe that people and knowledge really are power. Our people deliver in-depth market expertise, drive innovation and quality to add business value.

We also think beyond technology when we partner with our clients, suppliers as well as with our valued employees. 


Our mission is shaping the digital future.

Our mission as a company is to create long-term value for our customers.

With a unique combination of IT and industry domain expertise we are in an excellent position to shape the digital future by providing dedicated and integrated products, services and concepts. The focus on innovation and quality represents our commitment and ability to provide high standard performance.


Our values are rooted within the company, reflecting our spirit and the culture we work by. We strive to let our values drive our performance, guide us in how we work as individuals, as a team and as a whole organization. We have four values that are based on our vision and provide the foundation for everything we do:

  • Inventive
  • Courageous
  • Passionate
  • Balanced


In Cegal we look beyond the obvious. We are a driver of innovation. We shall always think in new ways, be resourceful and transform ideas into value for our customers and for ourselves.


In Cegal, freedom lies in responsibility. We challenge the existing and empower our people. We openly embrace challenges and opportunities to lead our markets.


In Cegal we deliver on promises. Once we start, we commit. We are passionate, we show dedication and we strive to look beyond technology to add business value.


In Cegal we recognize the role of work-life balance. We will ensure balance between predictability and innovation but never stop developing. We shall rapidly respond to the changing needs of our employees, customers and the environment.