PGNIG opened a new office in Tromsø in 2015. With 8 experienced G&G users it was vital to have a cost effective, lightweight IT solution with high security and user experience.

Cegal sets up GeoCloud for PGNiG, case study

PGNiG Upstream International AS is a long term player in the oil and gas industry on the NCS. Our ambition is to create a robust portfolio of producing assets and exploration licenses that will contribute to a shareholder value growth.

PGNiG opened an new office in Tromsø at the beginning of 2015, with 8 experienced G&G users. It was important to us to have a cost effective, lightweight IT solution with high security and user experience standards.

The first option we evaluated was a local storage and server/computer farm for demanding G&G operations. We found that this approach carries substantial cost in deployment, maintenance and introduces security/reliability concerns.

Another alternative was to use well known PCoIP technology that was successfully tested in our Stavanger office. The main concern with this approach was distance to Tromsø and network latency that was even 30 times higher. After extensive testing where we simulated increased latency to Tromsø, we found no negative effect on performance and user experience.

Our storage, server/computer farms used by the Tromsø office are hosted in a secure location in Stavanger. G&G staff up there uses PCoIP which connects to our main data center with redundant lines.

"We have observed virtually no issues with the setup since we started with the new office almost 2 years ago", says IT Manager, Tomasz Kolakowski.

PCoIP machines are located very close to storage and connected with a 1 Gbps line which greatly increases performance. Both locations use the same solution (storage, servers) and employees feel like they are working close to each other even though they are located over 2000 km apart. In addition users with many years of experience with G&G applications comment that this is one of the better solutions they have worked on. PGNIG can thank Cegal GeoCloud for this flexible and secure design.

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