From intern to full-time employee

Working with universities and students has proven to be valuable as it surfaces unique talents that bring fresh outside perspective into our business.


Working with universities and students brings a lot to the table. For Cegal, this has proven to be valuable as it surfaces unique talents that bring fresh outside perspective into the business. In addition, it allows us to do awaited projects due to extra pairs of hands.

One of our 2019 summer interns, Rocio Navas Ramirez, recently accepted an offer of employment as a Geoscientist at the Cegal Stavanger office.

“At Cegal you will find a great working environment, with people that are always willing to help you. I am very excited to be part of a solid, fast-moving company within the digitalization world,” says Rocio Navaz Ramirez.

During the summer, Rocio evaluated two geophysical tools developed by Cegal. This gave her an opportunity to get experience into a client service approach by evaluating their requirements associated with different functionalities under the Blueback Toolbox. She also gained insights in other powerful and unique tools such as Blueback Rock Physics, Blueback Investigator and Blueback ODISI. Rocio learned the great advantages these tools could provide in the day to day activities for geoscientists in the oil and gas industry.

In addition to working with different software products, Rocio was also involved in a digitalization project for a client. She learned how to extract relevant metadata from Petrel* projects to be used for evaluating seismic interpretations. Later, the project focused on investigating different solutions for how this metadata could be implemented to automate the QC process of seismic horizons.

Rocio has now accepted a permanent role with our Geoscience Services team, and we are very happy to have her on board. She describes the internship with Cegal as a great experience where she was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to share her time here with amazing and highly qualified people.

* Petrel is a mark of Schlumberger

Photo: Jone Klemo Øverland

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