Cegal welcomes new Director of Marketing and Communications

TV Vest profile Jørund Kopren has joined the Cegal team in Stavanger.


As part of the new company strategy announced in 2020, Cegal is strengthening the focus on digital marketing, branding and communications by welcoming former General Manager of TV Vest, Jørund Kopren, to the team.

We sat down with Jørund and talked about his experience coming from a local TV station, his first week in Cegal and plans for the Marketing and Communications team.

Cegal: Welcome to Cegal, Jørund! How was your first week?

Jørund: Thanks! My first week was great, and there is a lot to take in! I have already met some Cegalians, all nice and helpful. And I have also gotten some insight to opinions, wishes and challenges people face. Great! I also see great potential in Cegal’s communication and marketing, and a fantastic crew in MarCom. 

Why did you decide to leave TV Vest?

I have had several positions over the past 20+ years in TV Vest, and the short answer is: It was the right time. We finally managed to design a local tv-station that made a profit. The challenge of efficiency, entertainment value and technically evolving tv-distribution and competitive ad channels is never over, and I could fill my entire remaining career with exiting tv-work! But as the company is in good shape, it was time to do something else. 

What are your plans for the Marketing and Communications team in Cegal?

There are already tons of great things happening in MarCom. So my role will be to find out what we can develop and add - and possibly do less of. I think Cegal should show off more of the people and competence that exists here to the rest world, and a natural development would be to use video and audio for this. Judging from the employees I have met so far, there is no reason for any (potential) customers NOT to want to work with us! 

Can we expect Cegal TV in the future?

Every great brand has its own TV channel. Like NIKECoca-Cola and Toyota! Cegal is already a great brand, it just lacks the TV channel. I expect that we will together come up with great ideas for videos that will inform, inspire and entertain the viewer and reflect the serious, playful brand of Cegal and our ability to shape the digital future for our customers –while having fun!

Photo by Corinna Wagner

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