Cegal Summer Interns

Our summer interns are getting a good taste of the Cegal experience working on exciting projects with cutting-edge technology.


With close supervision from our experienced Geoscience team, Bendik, Linea and Rocio Navas are working on challenging tasks and acquiring relevant work experience.  Activities they will be involved in ranges from software development to geoscience and product management. In addition, they will over the summer participate in a customer digitalization project focused around integrating data science techniques together with seismic interpretation.   

Bendik just finished his first year of upper secondary school. He was first introduced to programming when he was ten years old through Lego robotics. Since then, programming and mathematics have been a major interest. Together with a friend, he has previously qualified and attended the international finals of the robotics and research competition; First Lego League. Bendik is planning to study computer science at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. 

Bendik describes the summer internship with Cegal as a valuable opportunity. He sees Cegal as a human-oriented company with exciting tasks and a high degree of flexibility. Working with the Digitalization team he gets to solve interesting data science problems. He can create charts and investigations using software from Cegal together with Python code that he can develop independently. He says the work is engaging, and he is getting relevant work experience while having fun!

Linea just completed her Bachelor's degree in Geoscience majoring in Geology at the University in Bergen. She is planning to continue studying after the summer doing a Master's in Earth Science. She says she is very excited to be a summer intern in such an innovative company as Cegal. She is particularly enthusiastic about solving issues with the aim of simplifying and improving workflows. In addition, she finds it very challenging and interesting to learn more about the Cegal software for Petrel.

Rocio Navas is a Geologist Engineer and holds a master's in Petroleum Geosciences Engineering from the University of Stavanger. She says she is very happy to be working at Cegal this summer. She appreciates the highly qualified, and well integrated team, and the positive environment. More specifically, she is very excited to be part of a team who develops leading-edge solutions and software for the oil and gas industry, where she can also expand her knowledge to the geophysics, applying faster and better-constrained workflows for different processes.

We are very happy to have the summer interns onboard and look very much forward to working with them, learning from them and seeing the results. Best of wishes for the summer challenge!​

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