Cegal is committed to health and safety

Cegal is a company focused on the well-being of its employees, partners and customers and committed to highest standards for health and safety.


Considering current events, Cegal has implemented precautionary measures to respond to the outbreak of COVID-19. This is part of the massive effort that we as a society need to put down to reduce the impact of Coronavirus.

Cegalians are working from home

In alignment with the advice from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, as many Cegalians as possible across the global offices are working from home. Through this we are securing operations and ensuring a high level of service quality for our customers. All Cegal products and services are fully operational, and our service desk is available at normal working hours under or +47 52 04 00 00.

Since today, 13th of March 2020, all schools, kindergartens, high schools and universities in Norway will be closed to prevent further spreading of COVID-19. This will require added flexibility for our Norwegian employees with children at home. One of Cegal’s core values is balance and the ability to rapidly respond to changing needs of our employees. We are therefore continuously exploring best practices and encourage flexible working arrangements and innovative use of digital workplaces.

Events and travelling

Cegal has cancelled participation at all upcoming events and restricted all travel that is not business critical. Same consideration is given for leisure travel, where all employees are following local advice, which suggests avoiding unnecessary travel. As Cegalians, we are embracing innovation and new means for communication both in business and private settings.

Digital hygiene

All Cegalians are following standard etiquettes concerning hand hygiene and physical contact. As a global technology company, we are also aware of the vulnerability that can result from flexible working arrangements and added risks of malicious online attacks. Cegal therefore ensures digital hygiene standards at the same high level as physical hygiene.

Corona Response Team

Cegal has set up a dedicated Corona Response team consisting of management, HR, HSEQ and communication experts who are continuously monitoring the situation. By establishing a steady communication flow and daily evaluations, Cegal can respond to rapid changes and ensure an adequate information flow.

This is the time to stand together, we thank all Cegalians, partners and customers for their cooperation.

Update 16.03.: following new recommendations by the Norwegian Directorate of Health, Cegal has restricted all kinds of business travel.

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