Martin Linge

Implemented during the commissioning project of the Martin Linge field, Connect@Plant ensures secure access management to the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) from first oil.

Industrial Data User Access Management Services for Martin Linge by Cegal

Martin Linge is an oil and gas field located in the North Sea, close to the border to the UK continental shelf. The field is expected to come on-stream in 2019 and is developed with new living quarters, a production platform, and a permanently anchored oil storage ship. Gas will be exported to St. Fergus in Scotland.

The customer was looking to implement a complete security solution for Industrial Data User Management control to protect and log all access to applications or systems on the Martin Linge installation. Initial discussions and a study revealed a significant potential of enhancement and optimization to ensure all regulatory and intercompany requirements were met. The customer further selected the Connect@Plant security solution provided by Cegal.

The Industrial Control System (ICS) at Martin Linge is accessed through Connect@Plant. The solution ensures that the operator of the installation controls user administration, user sessions, and auditing. Through a comprehensive dashboard and efficient workflow, the operator will have full control of all access granted and active sessions to offshore systems.

A product with built in automated processes and a roadmap ensures continuous improvement of the solution and management of a threat environment in constant change.

Implementing Connect@Plant during the commissioning phase of the Martin Linge project, gave the advantage of early adaption for operational team, and a large part of the testing and training can be executed prior to the field coming on stream. The product roadmap provides predictability, and as Connect@Plant is built on market-leading security products the customer does not need to focus on building competence related to user access management.

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